May 2014: The LangSec workshop will be held with the IEEE Security and Privacy Workshops.
May 2014: Robin and Sarah presented their research during the poster session of CPSC Industry Day.
Apr 2014: Congrats to Sara, who earned an NSERC USRA to study the semantics of source code comments.
Mar 2014: US Patent 8,667,588 issued.
Dec 2013: US Patent 8,613,096 issued.
Nov 2013: Locasto Talks To SPIE About "Personal Strategies for Staying Safe Online"
Nov 2013: Congratulations to Robin for a successful MSc thesis defense!
Nov 2013: Locasto participates in ISPIA-CMSS workshop
Oct 2013: IEEE SPW will hold a LangSec workshop.
Aug 2013: Locasto on Alberta Primetime discussing Interne filtering
May 2013: Congratulations to Sarah and Ashwathi, who both received a QEII award.
May 2013: Congratulations to Ashwathi, who had a 3rd place poster at CPSC Industry Day
Apr 2013: CACM news item on Digital Death
Mar 2013: UToday article "Assistant prof shares security advice
Mar 2013: US Patent 8,407,160 issued
Mar 2013: Congratulations to Taylor on earning a UofC PURE Award!
Feb 2013: US Patent 8,381,295 issued
Jan 2013: Congratulations to Sarah, who received a QEII award
July 2012: Congrats to Faisal on a successful MSc. thesis defense!
June 2012: Work on security considerations in digital death profiled in TCNJ magazine.
April 2012: Coverage by New Scientist of work on detecting rootkits in embedded systems.
April 2012: Congratulations to Aswathi, who received a QEII award!
Feb 2012: CSUS talk "Studying Risk, Wreckage, and Errors"
Jan 2012: NSERC ECR supplement to Discovery Grant
Dec 2011: NSPW Panel @ ACSAC
Sept 2011: Research talk @ Purdue on Deep Introspection
July 2011: Quoted in a syndicated news article on recent hacks of NATO computers.
June 2011: US Patent 7,962,798 issued.
April 2011: Locasto awarded NSERC Discovery Grant. [UofC, NSERC]
March 2011: COMTOR funded by NSF TUES program.
December 2010: Locasto on CBC's Homestretch radio program.
August 2010: US Patents 7,784,097 and 7,779,463 issued.
July 2010: Politifact article on the "Internet Kill Switch".